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PREMIERE Mountain Bike Monitor 2022: Infrastructure

First results concerning  values and wishes of European mountainbikers.

Stephan Grapentin quer

Stephan Grapentin // Mountainbike Tourism Forum Germany e. V.

„The wishes and demands of mountain bikers in different
European countries differ greatly in some cases. For the first time, we are collecting internationally comparable data with the Mountain Bike Monitor 2022 - an immense treasure of data for the development of offers and destinations.

With the Mountainbike Monitor, the Mountainbike Tourism Forum has created the most comprehensive survey on mountain biking guests and their wishes and needs. In the latest edition of the Mountainbike-Monitor 2022, the focus is placed on the topic of infrastructure. Thus, the results lay the optimal foundation for this year's congress. Stephan will give us an exclusive insight into the results for the German-speaking region and the first results from the Europe-wide survey.

  • What does the optimal bike infrastructure look like?
  • What are the potentials for mountainbike tourism across Europe?
  • How can new target groups in mountainbike tourism be addressed?

About the  Mountainbike Monitor

Since 2015, the Mountain Bike Monitor has established itself as a knowledge base and strategic decision-making tool for mountainbike tourism in many destinations. With the 2018 survey, we were able to gain profound insights into target groups, their values and desires as well as their behavior and by adding the Mountainbike Monitor 2022 we are expanding this basis once again.

With the current edition of the Mountainbike Monitor 2022 we are creating a Europe-wide comparable database for the first time, which provides insights into different source markets and destinations. Together with the focus module "infrastructure" insights into the popularity of and requirements for various offers are available.
By appening target group "zero" - which includes all those who are very interested in mountain biking but do not (yet) partake themselves - the study takes a look at a target group with great market potential that has not yet been considered. As a novelty we enclosed the designation of the brand funnel (experience, awareness, interest) for different European countries as well as essential bike regions in the individual countries.