Shaping the Future

International mountain bike destinations present their paths to success.

Martin Vincenz_CEO_Graubünden Ferien_Foto

"Our goal is to further position Graubünden as the "Home of Trails". Graubünden, with its five bike destinations, is internationally promoted as one of the top bike regions in the Alps. Graubünden has a wide variety of trails suitable for a all types of riders – from enduro, cross-country and all-mountain to freerider and more. In Graubünden almost every path is also a bike trail, which is only made possible through the peaceful coexistence of all user groups, a fact that we are increasingly becoming aware of."

                  Martin Vincenz // CEO Graubünden Ferien

In this panel discussion, Martin will discuss the strategic approach of the Graubünden region and its bike destinations.


  • Without a strategy, we can never reach our goals – but there aren't any one size fits all solutions either. Initial conditions are always different and possibilities and objectives vary depending on the destination.
  • How do different regions address this issue? What approaches do they take?
  • Which factors need to be considered and what are the most important lessons learned in this process? And how long does such a process take to show results?
  • This panel compares different plans and approaches and provides insights into successful strategy implementation.

About Martin Vincenz
The Graubünden native is CEO of Graubünden Ferien, the tourism marketing organization for Switzerland's best-known vacation region. He has been a radio journalist, a tourism director in Arosa, has managed the Arosa Humor Festival for 10 years and has founded a communications agency. Nowadays he coordinates the destinations Davos, Laax, Engadin, Val Müstair and Lenzerheide. As a passionate mountain biker, he knows the trails not only in Graubünden but also from South Tyrol to Turkey and Morocco. He is responsible for the sensational "Home of Trails Story" with Danny McAskill.

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