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Initiative #cleanwoods starts on UN World Bicycle Day

29. May 2021
We love biking in magical forests. To keep them that way, we are starting the MTB spring cleaning.

Many studies show: For almost all bikers, the experience of nature and landscape is one of the most important motives for mountain biking. The 3rd June is the UN World Bicycle Day, where biking will be in focus worldwide.

Let's seize the day and turn our attention to nature, where we experience the most moving biking moments. It's time to say thank you and give back.


This weekend (3-6 June), we'll be cleaning trails and nature paths, removing litter from natural areas and working together to support institutions dedicated to landscape conservation. The spring cleanup on the World Bicycle Day kicks off the #cleanwoods campaign. With this, we want to show our commitment to our recreational spaces throughout the summer.

Together with tourism associations and local clubs, we want to show the world how we as a bike community take responsibility for our sport and treat our environment with appreciation and respect.

Get active now

Join us by initiating a #cleanwoods action in your area. Only together can we contribute to preserving the nature we value so much. Jointly used natural areas need joint work and care. Together, let's make nature-friendly biking more visible nationwide and establish mountain biking as an essential part of UN World Bicycle Day.

Here is what you can do:

  • Path and trail maintenance
  • Clean-Ups
  • Support institutions that maintain natural areas

We will publicize the joint actions on the Internet and through our press relations. Share photos and videos of your day of action on social networks with the hashtags #WorldBicycleDay and #cleanwoods.

Even if you can't make it yourself, please share the action with friends and colleagues.

Get active as a region:

  • Coordinate with route operators and trail owners and launch the #cleanwoods campaign in your region!
  • Contact your local associations and partners and ask them to get involved in this joint action. Contact us if you want to get active, we will help you spread the word.
  • Identify a contact person who we can name to the community.
  • Think about where exactly help is needed and define the need for action. Are there specific trails in your area that need maintenance or places where there is pollution? Name the date and location and share this information with us so we can post it on the map.
  • If possible, you could provide equipment.

Get active as an association or individually

  • Contact the trail owners/responsible authorities/private landowners and ask for permission to carry out such an action. Consult with the responsible parties about what needs to be done and what can be done. Offer your support to those doing trail maintenance in your area.
  • Mobilize your community and members through your channels, report your action to the MTF. We will integrate it here on the webpage, establish contacts and spread the message through our channels together with the DIMB.
  • Work out a common plan. Which trails need maintenance, which areas does it make sense to improve? What can be done? Who can coordinate the work on that day and who can provide equipment if necessary?
  • … or: join an action!

Please stay on the paths and do not comb the area indiscriminately for garbage so that our animal friends remain undisturbed in their current mating season.

In all cases, please ensure that local Corona protection guidelines are followed and distances are maintained. Your health is always the priority. Even in small groups or in pairs, a lot can get done.

Do you want to engage as a region or association and also organize an #cleanwood action? Then write us a email or register your action via the form:

#cleanwoods actions in your area:

The initiative #cleanwoods is a joint action of:

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