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Scientific Research on Mountain Bike Tourism

28. October 2020
The MTF conducts intensive research on current issues in mountain bike tourism, e.g. on demand trends, value creation, visitor monitoring and visitor guidance, social benefits from the reduction of sedentary lifestyles, education for sustainable development and much more. We collect studies, gather data, take part in expert discussions and transform the insights gained into Expert Knowledge on the subject of mountain bike tourism. Our current cooperation projects focus on informing cyclists about socially and environmentally responsible biking.
Leitlinie Besuchermonitoring

For years active outdoor recreation has experienced a substantial boom. The Guidelines for Visitor Monitoring in Natural Spaces and Active Tourism orient readers within the current state of scientific research and established approaches. They serve as a decision-making aid and review of sound research designs. The publication is currently in the final phase of review and will be available here in early February 2021.

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MTF (2021) MTB-Beschilderungssystem 2

Official mountain bike trails with clearly recognisable guidance systems are an important prerequisite for a successful and safe mountain biking experience.

The creation of a guidance system suitable for mountain biker use is a central task and opportunity in the development of MTB regions. In order to achieve this goal while reducing regional disparities, the Mountain Bike Tourism Forum Germany has developed a standardised MTB guidance system that can be adapted to the individual requirements of different regions.
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NAT:KIT –Communication intervention tool to guide cyclists (esp. MTB) in protected areas

MTF (2018) Abbildung Kongressbeitrag AMK 2018_Karte

Our contribution to the 6th Congress for Outdoor and Adventure: Outdoor, Man, Nature on the topic of Awareness and Responsibility for Attentive Use of the Natural, Leisure and Recreational Space in Germany, deals with the pressure of use on the natural and recreational space in Germany.

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Project Start: April 2021

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