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Welcome to the Mountain Bike Tourism Forum of Germany

18. January 2021
We are working every day to make nature-friendly, easily accessible and economically viable mountain biking possible throughout Germany. Germany has the potential to become one of the TOP 5 mountain bike destinations worldwide. Steps to realise this goal are embodied in the Vision 2030.

Through the development and publication of Mountain Bike Knowledge, through Research & Projects as well as the annual German Mountain Bike Tourism Congress, we are contributing to the professionalisation of mountain biking and the realisation of the Vision 2030.

We are pleased that you are here to learn more about the Association and our work.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions, suggestions and ideas!


Leitlinie Besuchermonitoring Naturraum/­Aktivtourismus

  Hier geht es zu unserer aktuellen Leitlinie zum Thema Besuchermonitoring in Naturräumen und im Aktivtourismus » Diese bietet Orientierung zu aktuellen Erkenntnissen aus Forschung und Praxis und soll als Entscheidungshilfe und Überprüfung von fundierten Untersuchungsdesigns dienen.

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